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LUV Rydr sex harness adds Sexual Thrill to age old sex positions!

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HeadshotDr. Nancy’s Experience

I was also sent the LuvRydr sex harness (thank you for the referral Laurie) for “review”. (I do love my job as a Sexologist).

At first I thought I might feel a little silly strapping on this interesting looking backpack – that vanished once I slipped into my “something a little kinkier” Vest. The fabric is incredibly comfortable and it does have a 50 shades of naughty feel to it (more spice please!).

Now we are not new to the Kama Sutra (as I’m certain we have ventured at least once into every pose (yeah yoga!), and not new to the “doggie-style” position. However – the LuvRydr sex harness added an entirely new dimension, comfort, depth, energy, friction, leverage, power, (I’m still thinking of more words… hold on)……. and Sexual Thrill to this age old sex position!! O*M*G!

IMG_9075The handle allows for a much better grip than trying to grab onto slippery skin (or worry about hurting me) and the shoulder harness is so comfortable and I felt so supported that it actually took some of the pressure off my hands and wrists (It will prove great for those suffering from carpel tunnel or arthritis).

The orgasms were erotic and incredible and the energy stayed high for a long time; leaving us believers in this sexy new addition to our Fucking-Toy-Arsenal of sex aids.

If you want to purchase yours please go to LuvRydr.com and use my code “DRNANCY” to receive $15 Off!

Leave your comments and questions below – if you buy one, we want a full report here! Sharing is Caring!

Keeping Life Spicy,

Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

Clinical Sexologist, Intimacy & Health Expert


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