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Trying a new sex aid, the LUVRydr sex harness.

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Okay, my dear friends…I needed a break. The pressure became too much. It’s not
because the Sybian isn’t awesome. I just needed some variety. Also, I had an aesthetic procedure that left me feeling some pain and vulnerability and I just didn’t feel to vibrate myself for a while. I promise I will go back to my challenge in a few days. I’m almost healed and looking terrific.

Meantime, as I’ve been recovering from my non-surgical procedure, I’ve been having steady sex with self and with boyfriend.

A while ago I acquired a new sex harness called the LUV Rydr. It looks like a harness, well a red (p)leather harness, definitely a sex aid. It’s meant to be worn around the shoulders of the person who is going to be penetrated from behind (although it doesn’t have to exclusively be for doggy style sex). The special quality of this sex harness is that it has a handle so that the person doing the penetrating can gain a distance and an angle not possible when holding the hips or butt of the partner in regular doggy style sex.

So, I put it on and then he bent me over the high end of my Tantra Chair. Well, oh my god! He penetrated me gently at first afraid that the angle made possible by this thing would most certainly hurt me. But, au contraire my friends.

He penetrated me deeper than I’ve ever been penetrated before in life!!! This sex harness is turning out to be our best sex aid to date.

And the angle was so perfect that I felt no pain at all. Not one drop of pain. I felt him so deep inside me, I could hardly believe it possible! I keep communicating with him so he was sure he wasn’t hurting me.

Then he started to speed up. Here’s a man who usually claims to be in control. I don’t know what happened to him. He’ll have to explain for himself, but I believe he pulled out all stops. He just started to penetrate me as if in a frenzy – was out of control. I can’t say I ever felt anything like this before – something so deep and so far inside me while so pleasurable. I mean my consideration is that I am in my sixth decade and the lining of my vagina isn’t that thick anymore so usually I would usually be afraid or stop things if they got out of hand, but not this!!!!

I must have climaxed four times or more most likely screaming (of course training myself on my Sybian to go further and further)! Screaming I said!

When he finally climaxed, I had no idea what had just happened to us. Literally. We looked at each other and said, “What the hell was that?”

You really do want to know what the hell that was. I promise! The LUV Rydr is a monster!

*You can go to www.LUVRydr.com and order right now. Use my code ButterflyWorkshops to get a discount. Go there now! Treat yourself!

Here’s His Account of Our Experience…

Last weekend my girlfriend and I had the distinct pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, of using a very special sex harness that allowed me to penetrate her deeply. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before! In fact I don’t think I’ve ever been so engrossed in the act of sex as I was that night! So intimate and erotic.

The device is called the LUV Rydr and it’s a sex harness that your lover will wear and it’s designed so that you can penetrate her, or him, from behind. What’s unique about this harness is that it has a handle that allows you to hold on as you penetrate your lover. A sex aid unlike any other.

My cock was so deep that every breath she took was enough to give off a sensation. The angle was perfect, the ability to hold onto the handle and pull her into me as she bent over the bed (Tantra Chair) was hot as hell! I got lost in the sensation so much so that I could not control my ejaculation! I always control my orgasms but not that night! Holy shit!

In my opinion, The LuvRydr gets 5 out of 5 Orgasms! Well done!

*You can go to www.LUVRydr.com and order right now. Use my code ButterflyWorkshops to get a discount. Go there now! Treat yourself!

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