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“O*M*G”! I’m SOLD! That was amazing - and the sex harness is so comfortable… and the leverage created insane intimacy?? Holy S*IT!

- Dr. Nancy S.
Clinical Sexologist, Intimacy & Health Expert


We were truly impressed by Luv Rydr and it will become a part of our toy box for sure.
Congratulations on bringing such an honest, unique, and above all USABLE product to the market, it really is fantastic.



I think we were skeptical at first of a sex harness but after we gave it a whirl, all I can say is wow! This thing is so fun to explore new positions, have better control, and actually last longer. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for intimacy and fun.

Janice R.


I was able to finish 3 times, something I haven't since college.  The sex harness makes the perfect angle in any position and the ability to hold onto the handle and pull her into me as she bent over the bed (Tantra Chair) was hot as hell! I got lost in the sensation so much so that I could not control my ejaculation! I always control my orgasms but not that night! Holy shit!

In my opinion, The LuvRydr gets 5 out of 5 Orgasms! Well done!

- Mike G.


When he finally climaxed, I had no idea what had just happened to us. Literally. We looked at each other and said, “What the hell was that?”

You really do want to know what the hell that was. I promise! The LuvRydr sex harness is a monster! This thing would make a great wedding gift or bachelorette gift.

- Laurie H.
Sex and Happiness Coach


PHENOMENAL!!!!! The wife and I needed something new to spice up the bedroom and fell in love with the LUV Rydr sex harness. We cannot recommend a better adult toy to have in your intimacy repertoire. The wife loves almost more than me because it is soft and comfortable and makes her feel like she is being restrained, but not like 50 Shades of Grey... She also loves it because she is not being pinched and grabbed too hard. The leverage is amazing, but be careful not to hurt yourself.

- Hylton L.


I've tried and recommended almost all the intimacy toys and sex harnesses on the market and the LuvRydr added an entirely new dimension, comfort, depth, energy, friction, leverage, power, (I’m still thinking of more words… hold on)……. and Sexual Thrill to this age old sex position! I highly recommend it. 

- Dr. Nancy S.
Clinical Sexologist, Intimacy & Health Expert


The wife and I got very excited when we saw this product. As a couple that likes to explore their sexuality and try new things we were very excited to see this, especially since doggy style Is our favorite position.

When we received this product and opened it it felt comfortable and seemed easy to use. There are no directions to it but the pictures on the box are pretty self explanatory. So that night we decided to use it. The doggy style position it drove my wife insane since sometimes she likes to try to pull away from me. This strap kept her close and climaxing. We then switched it up to the oral position. Which we both love, especially me. When I wanted her to go all the way down all I had to do was pull. Wow was I loving it. We can't wait to hit the rest of the positions as soon as she is able to. ;).

- Danny S.


The good:


+Quality materials and construction


The bad:

-Only comes in one color scheme

-Couldn't walk straight for days after use

Forget vibrators, toys, even restraints - if I could pick one item to bring into the bedroom, this one be it. I hope they keep making this because I can't find it anywhere else and I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT IT. Hands down. Love. Been reviewing products for a little while now, there have been a few good products sprinkled in with a lot of junk, but this one takes the cake.

P.S. Please make an all black version.

- KP

We were very pleasantly surprised when we tried out the LUV Rydr. We have a powerful and satisfying sex life, and we normally don't use any toys or aids, because they seem to become the focus instead of enhancing our connection with each other. But the LUV Rydr actually improved our connection without feeling intrusive. I enjoyed the feeling of being held all around my shoulders, and I loved being able to use my whole body as a counterweight while my partner was thrusting - it was satisfying and hot. And he was pleased with the ability to have firm deep connection with me with little effort. It supported our Tantric practice of creating more intense states of sexual connection while maintaining deep relaxation and presence.

- S & H

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